Little Miss Manners

1, Sailor Moon (season)

Air date

October 13, 1995


Polite Society


Bad Hair Day


Ski Bunny Blues

"Little Miss Manners" is the 33rd episode of Sailor Moon. It was preceded by Bad Hair Day and followed by Ski Bunny Blues.


Molly tells Serena about a finishing school run by Countess Rose, with several girls taking the princess seminar. Serena decides to go to this finishing school so she can be more like a princess.

Meanwhile, Queen Beryl tells Prince Darien and Malachite to work together, but they do not want to. Beryl understands that they are rivals, and does not care as long as one of them catches Sailor Moon and gets the Imperium Silver Crystal. Malachite has already taken steps to do this.

Meanwhile, Luna tells Central Control that she wants Serena to take her princess role more seriously, when suddenly the computer shuts down and Central Control is revealed to be Artemis.

Serena asks if she can take the princess seminar at the finishing school. Countess Rose decides that she can if she can throw the discus, which she easily does (as it is similar to her Moon Tiara Magic attack). Countess Rose and Malachite, who is controlling her, witness how good she is at throwing a discus, and suspect that she is Sailor Moon. Later, Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina arrive. While they are dancing with men from the school, Serena, Raye, and Mina step on the men's feet. Everyone who danced well enough (including Amy and Lita) are taken into the drawing room, where Countess Rose turns into a Negamonster named Polite Society and encases them all in wax. She does the same to the men.

Polite Society confronts Serena, Raye, and Mina, as she is sure that since none of them can dance, one of them must be Sailor Moon. She attacks them when Serena is revealed to be Sailor Moon, until Luna and Artemis attack her. Serena, Raye, and Mina transform into Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Venus. Polite Society stops Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus's Mars Fire Ignite and Venus Crescent Beam Smash. Tuxedo Mask arrives and tells Sailor Moon to give him the crystal, and that he won't hurt her if she does. This is against Malachite's plan, and Malachite appears and argues with Tuxedo Mask. Malachite tells Polite Society to destroy Sailor Moon, and Tuxedo Mask tells her to just take the crystal. She does not know whose orders to follow. Sailor Moon offers her some cocoa, and then immediately uses Moon Healing Activation to turn her back into Countess Rose. Tuxedo Mask leaves before Sailor Moon can do the same to him.

Everyone encased in wax turns back to normal. Next day, Serena is late for school again.


  • First and last appearance of Negamonster Polite Society
  • This marks the beginning of Darien and Malachite's arguments
  • Central Control is revealed to be Artemis
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