Sailor Moon Attacks
Mars Celestial Fire Surround25
バーニング・マンダラー (Burning Mandala?)
Mars Celestial Fire
1st Appearance "Gramps in a Pickle"
Attack Information
Element Fire-based attack
Attack Type Offensive
Sailor Scout Sailor Mars
"Mars Celestial Fire, surround!"
—Attack Phrase

Mars Celestial Fire (also known as Mega Mars Fire Rings) in an two-tier offensive attack used by Sailor Mars. Mars Celestial Fire Surround is Sailor Mars's third attack.


When summoning Mars Celestial Fire, Sailor Mars turns and raises her arm in a circular motion, a small fireball on the tip of her finger creates a circular trail of fire that encircles her. The burning circle becomes eight circles, that when focused into the palm of her hand, before projectiles.

When summoning the first tier attack, Sailor Mars uses the shorthand phrases, "Celestial Fire Surround" and "Mars Fire Surround". When upgraded to "Mega Mars Fire Rings", the attack pattern remains the same, but is merely stronger than the previous tier.

Sailor Moon R

The attack was first used in Sailor Moon R, eisode 17, "Gramps in a Pickle". Sailor Mars used it against Catzi, who attempted to take over Cherry Hill Temple in order to secure a victory for the Negamoon family.

In "Jealousy's Just Reward", during the fight against a cursed Emerald (who was transformed into a dragon by Wiseman) in Crystal Tokyo in the future, Sailor Mars attempted to stop Emerald using Mars Celestial Fire. However, the attack did little to stop the dragon.

Sailor Moon SuperS

Following Sailor Mars new abilities as Super Sailor Mars gained through Crystal Power, Mars Celestial Fire receives powerful upgrade.


In the original Japanese adaptation of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Mars Celestial Fire was named "Burning Mandala". "Mandala" refers to the religion in India, is a Buddhist term taken from China.[1] Mandala is used in meditation. Before a person can reach enlightenment, they must pass through the outermost circle of the Mandala, purifying fire, the fire of wisdom. At the center is a symbol of the Buddha, surrounded by the eight corners of the Earth (West, Northwest, North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, and Southwest).[1]

Together the symbols make a lotus shape. The eight symbols that appear in the fire circles, before Sailor Mars shoots them at her enemy, are Buddhist symbols which stand for the eight corners of the world. A mandala is also geometric pattern that can symbolize the universe. Sailor Mars's mandala appears to be a traditional Vajrayana Buddhism mandala.[1]




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