Sailor Scout Attack
8 Mars Fire Ignite
Sailor Mars performing Mars Fire Ignite
Mars Fire Ignite
1st Appearance ""An Uncharmed Life""
Attack Information
Sailor Scout Sailor Mars
Attack Type Offensive
Element Fire based attack
"Mars Fire... Ignite!"
—Sailor Mars

Mars Fire Ignite (also known as Mars Fireballs Charge, Mars Firestorm Flash, Mars Fireball Flash, Fire Ignite, Mars Fireballs Flash, Mega Mars Fire Flash, and Mars Fire Flash) is an offensive attack used by Sailor Mars. The first of Sailor Mars's attack, Mars Fire is used primarily as an offensive attack against Negamonsters and other enemies faced by the Sailor Scouts. When used in conjunction with another attack, such as Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic or Sailor Venus's Venus Love Chain Encircle, both attack abilities are boosted and can harm or destroy a monster. Mars Fire


Mars Fire is triggered whenever Sailor Mars clasps her hands together and points both index fingers upward. The position of her hands is the first kuji-in, "Rin (?)". Fire materializes above both index fingers and explodes outward in a spiral fireball attack that is sometimes powerful enough to destroy a monster.

Sailor Moon

In Sailor Moon Episode 7, "An Uncharmed Life", when Sailor Mars transformed for the first time, she used Mars Fire Ignite to destroy the Negamonster, Kigaan.

The attack rarely destroyed any other monsters. There were three occasions when she combined it with Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic. The first time was against Dream Dolly in "Nightmare in Dreamland". The second was against the Gemini Warriors in Episode 17 (in this case, Sailor Mercury combined her Mercury Bubbles with the two attacks as well). The third was against Housenka, Grape, and Suzuran in Episode 20.

Presumably, this was the attack she used to destroy the last two Doom and Gloom Girls in Episode 40.

Sailor Moon R-Sailor Moon SuperS

After Sailor Mars regains her memories and abilities, she continued to use Mars Fire against the Cardians and Droids. However, with the ability of Star Power, she depended on the attack Mars Celestial Fire and later, Mars Flame Shooter (with Crystal Power), more readily. During Sailor Moon R, she combined Mars Fire Ignite with Sailor Venus's Venus Crescent Beam Smash to destroy the Cardian, Minotaur.




  • In the Japanese adaptation of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Mars Fire is called "Fire Soul". The phrase may or may not correlate closely to Raye's position and abilities as a priestess.

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