Sailor Scout Attack
Mars Firebird Strike!
Mars Firebird Strike
1st Appearance "Raye's Day in the Spotlight"
Attack Information
Sailor Scout Sailor Mars
Attack Type offensive
Element fire
Item Required Parchment Scroll
"I call upon the powers of Mars! Fireballs Charge! Mars Firebird... Strike!"
—Sailor Mars

Mars Firebird Strike is an offensive attack used by Sailor Mars.


When used, Mars Firebird Strike uses both phases of Mars Fire Ignite and Mars Fireballs Charge. Sailor Mars focuses her energy into the ofuda scroll before she clasps her hands together and points both index fingers upward in first kuji-in position, "Rin (?)".

Mars Firebird Strike mimics that of Mars Fire Ignite, spiraling out toward an enemy. However, instead of a direct attack, the fire engulfs the enchanted ofuda and creates a massive phoenix. However, this attack has only been seen to weaken water-based enemies; not destroy them.

Mars Firebird Strike was only used in two instances. In episode 8, "Raye's Day in the Spotlight", Sailor Mars used it against the Cardian Amphibia. The second time was near the end of the Doom Tree arc, where Mars attempted to use this attack against Ann and Alan, although it wasn't strong enough to breach their energy shield.



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