Sailor Scout Attack
Mars Flame Sniper3
Sailor Mars performimg Mars Flame Shooter
Mars Flame Shooter
1st Appearance "Dreams Of Her Own"
Attack Information
Sailor Scout Sailor Mars
Attack Type Offensive
Element Fire-based attack
"Mars Flame Shooter!"
—Super Sailor Mars

Mars Flame Shooter[1][2]) (also known as Mars Flame Sniper[3]) is an offensive attack used by Sailor Mars. Mars Flame Shooter is Sailor Mars's fifth attack.


Using Crystal Power, Sailor Mars extends her hand and the symbol of Mars appears, followed by a burst of fire. The fire transforms into a bow and arrow and functions not unlike physical weapons themselves. Her energy focused, Mars can fire a flaming arrow that is strong enough to destroy certain magical objects or weaken enemies.

Sailor Moon SuperS

She first used the attack in Sailor Moon SuperS, episode 25, "Dreams Of Her Own". The Remless, Manemane, was able to mimic standard attacks like the Mars Celestial Fire Surround, but Mars Flame Shooter was a type of attack that she could not mimic, and it weakened her, allowing Sailor Moon to finish her off.


  • Likely on account of censorship guidelines, Sailor Mars' attack was renamed "Mars Flame Shooter" for the entirety of the fourth season.[2][1] The name "Mars Flame Sniper" was only used in the straight-to-video Pioneer Entertainment distributed film, Black Dream Hole.[3]
  • In episode 171 of the Japanese series, when Mars used this attack, the fired arrow had a cross-shaped point, while the animated sequence featured it flat-shaped.
  • The bow and arrow motif of this attack is an allusion to several cultural traditions:
      • Mars was the Roman god of war and his son with the love goddess Venus, Cupid, carried a bow and arrow as his signature weapon.
      • Due to its red color, the planet Mars was occasionally associated with the element of fire, and the Japanese way of writing the planet's name even contains the character for fire (火).
        • Elemental alignment plays a role in the abilities and weapons of the other senshi as well, specifically the Wu Xing or five-element theory of Chinese tradition; Mercury- Water, Jupiter- Wood, and Venus- Metal.
      • Shinto priestesses, or mikos (which Rei is), were well-known for their archery skills and occasionally performed rituals that exorcised demons through the use of arrows.
    • This attack implies that Sailor Mars is left-handed, as she draws the bow back with her left hand.




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