Sailor Scout Attack
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody 50
Mercury performing Mercury Aqua Rhapsody
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody
1st Appearance "Heartfelt Melody"
Attack Information
Sailor Scout Sailor Mercury
Attack Type Offensive
Element Water based attack
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody (or Aqua Rhapsody) is an offensive attack used by Sailor Mercury. The third attack used by the Sailor Scout, Aqua Rhapsody.


Using Crystal Power, Sailor Mercury extends her hand and the symbol of Mercury appears, followed by a swirl of water. The water transforms into a harp. Playing the water harp triggers a water attack that extends in waves of water before combing to create giant funnel.

Sailor Moon SuperS

Sailor Mercury first used Aqua Rhapsody in Sailor Moon SuperS, episode 24, "Heartfelt Melody". It was used to break a barrier caused by a Remless named Kerokero. One of the more notable uses of the attack was in the episode "One In The Hand", where she used the attack to defeat Zirconia.



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