Sailor Moon Attacks
5 Mercury Bubbles Blast
シャボン・スプレー (Sabão Spray?)
Mercury Bubbles
1st Appearance "Computer School Blues"
Attack Information
Element Water based attack
Attack Type Offensive-Defensive
Sailor Scout Sailor Mercury

Mercury Bubbles is a two tier attack used by Sailor Mercury. Working along with the presumed defensive and tactical nature of Sailor Mercury, Mercury Bubbles often worked best in conjunction with the other Sailor Scouts more offensive attacks, either as cover against the enemy or a booster to the other Scouts' attacks. Sailor Mercury used the attack less, but not altogether, when she learned Shine Aqua Illusion.


Mercury Bubbles

Mercury Bubbles Blast creates a fog that can make the enemy cold, or else obscure their vision and prevent them from seeing the Sailor Scouts. It can also freeze some enemy attacks, evidenced from her fights with Grape and the Doom and Gloom Girls.

Upon transforming for the first time in Sailor Moon episode 5, "Computer School Blues", Mercury used Mercury Bubbles Blast on Garoben, making her cold and preventing her from seeing her or Sailor Moon. She would often use the attack to confuse the enemy before Sailor Moon (and in some cases, Sailor Mars) would destroy the Negamonster.

In episode 17, "An Animated Mess", Sailor Mercury combined Mercury Bubbles Blast with Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic and Sailor Mars's Mars Fire Ignite to destroy the Gemini Warriors. During Princess Snow Kaguya's attack on Earth, Mercury used her Bubbles Blast attack on a Snow Dancer; the bubbles paralyzed the Dancer in place long enough for Sailor Mars to destroy it.

Mercury Ice Bubbles

CM Capture 41

Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze

Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze is an upgraded version of the Bubble Blast attack. Where the first was used as defensive attack, Bubbles Ice Freeze can freeze enemies. Mercury's first use of the attack was in Sailor Moon R, "Much Ado About Babysitting".

She used it to freeze Cardian Skulker as she attempted to steal energy from babies. Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze is the second of the new attacks to be seen in the Doom Tree Arc.



Mercury Bubbles

Mercury Ice Bubbles


  • In the Japanese adaptation of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Mercury Bubbles is called "Sabão Spray". "Sabão" means "Saop" in Portuguese.

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