Sailor Scout Attack
CM Capture 41
Mercury performing Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze
Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze
1st Appearance "Much Ado About Babysitting"
Attack Information
Sailor Scout Sailor Mercury
Attack Type Offensive-Defensive
Element Water based attack

Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze is an upgraded version of Sailor Mercury's Mercury Bubbles Blast attack. Where the first was used as defensive attack, Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze is offensive and can turn enemies into solid ice. Mercury's first use of the attack was in Sailor Moon R, "Much Ado About Babysitting".

She used it to freeze Cardian Skulker as she attempted to steal energy from babies. Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze is the second of the new attacks to be seen in the Doom Tree Arc.




  • In the Japanese adaptation of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze is called "Sabão Spray Freezing". "Sabão" means "Saop" in Portuguese.
  • In episode #73 Smart Payoff Sailor Mercury calls out Mercury Ice Storm Blast and Double Mercury Ice Storm Blast instead of Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze.

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