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  • Ghostkaiba, can we please stick to talk pages on the primary articles, please? Article comments are not a constructive way of discussing article improvement and only invite trouble with anons and wiki users who aren't interesting in article improvement, but trolling.

    Talk pages are easier to moderate, vandalism can be reverted, there are no sluggish load times and focus solely on the improvement of the article. Not only that, repeating reverts to article comment functions purges any prior information established on talk pages that may clear up any information on the structure of an article (unlike message walls). Article comments are prime for unnecessary moderation.

    We have a Forum for general discussion that users can flock to if they want to a discussion about anything regarding Sailor Moon or its production. They appear at the bottom of the articles when tagged with the article name itself and are easier to manage. If they want to talk shop about the subject of a Sailor Moon article that has nothing to do with improving the article they can go there.

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