Mimet's Mess

3 (Sailor Moon S)

Air date

July 14, 2000


Yoji Enokido(original)


Harume Kosaka




Rini's Risky Friendship


The Shadow of Silence

Mimet's Mess (also known as Tough Luck For Mimet[1]) is the 25th episode of Sailor Moon S. It was preceded by Rini's Risky Friendship and followed by The Shadow of Silence.


Jonah Araki is starring in his first movie and is holding auditions for the female character to appear alongside him in the movie. Mina and Mimet are his biggest fans, and plan to enter the beauty contest. Jonah is Mimet's next target, and Doctor Tomoe begins to notice that Mimet is always targeting well-known and handsome young men.

Mina and Mimet enter the audition, Mimet going by the name "Mimi". Both make it to the final five. However, all five of them lose, as none of them get enough votes. Mimet reveals her true identity and releases her latest Daimon Heart Snatcher, Uta, who sucks out Jonah's Pure Heart through his mouth and eats it. The other Sailor Scouts arrive, with Sailor Moon using Moon Tiara Magic, and Mina transforms into Sailor Venus.

Uta forgets the words to her song (which is her form of attack). Just as she remembers, Sailor Moon uses the Purity Chalice to transform into Super Sailor Moon and destroys Uta with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache, leaving only the Pure Heart, a destroyed Daimon pod, and the microphone she was created from. Sailor Venus fights off Mimet.

Sailor Pluto tells Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune that the reason the Bureau of Bad Behavior is still seeking Pure Hearts is that they need to give them to the Sovereign of Silence. The Pure Heart is returned to Jonah.



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