Biographical Information
Name Mitsuaami
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Light-brown
Skin Color Pale-blue
Height 7'0"
Enemy Information
Monster Type Negamonster
Alignment Negaverse
Affiliation Malachite
Rank Minion
Mission Find Sailor Moon, retrieve the Silver Crystal
Operations Base
Power Source
Weaknesses Item dependency
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "Bad Hair Day"
Last Appearance "Bad Hair Day"
English Voice Lindsay Collins
Japanese Voice

"Ya need a new look, Sailor Moon. How about bald? Very hip, very cool."
—Mitsuaami, Ep. #32

Mitsuaami is a Negamonster created by Malachite to find Sailor Moon. She attacks with items such as a deadly hairdryer, a razor that was like a chainsaw, a sprayer that shoots scissors, and a nail file. She appeared in Sailor Moon Episode 32, Bad Hair Day

Mitsuaami was originally several people at a hair salon, turned into a monster by Malachite. She attempted to track Sailor Moon through her hair, but one of Serena's hairs got on Mina's hair, leading Mitsuaami to believe that she was Sailor Moon. When the real Sailor Moon arrived, she fought Mitsuaami, but Prince Darien, how under the control of the Negaverse, arrived to help Mitsuaami fight Sailor Moon. In the end, Mitsuuami was attacked by the other Sailor Scouts before being healed by Sailor Moon using Moon Healing Activation, turning her back into all the people at the hair salon.


  • Her name is a pun on "Mitsuami" (三つ編み) which refers to the Japanese word for hair "braids" or "plait".

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