Moon Crystal Healing Activation Moon Crystal Healing Power or Moon Crystal Power are the phrases that Sailor Moon says to heal the Negamoon_Sisters, and Rini  with the Imperium_Silver_Crystal. She would hold up her Crystal Star and call out, "Moon Crystal Power!", similar to when she transformed with the Moon Crystal Power, Make Up command. The Silver Crystal would then shine a pink light which enveloped the target, who would appear naked as they were healed. They would then reappear healed and dressed as a normal person. The Silver Crystal was said to not be as powerful as it once was, and people could not be transformed against their will with this command (unlike Moon Healing Activation becuase the creascent moon wand was permantly lost in the battle against the Negaforce. It almost worked on the unwilling Wicked Lady, but she fought it off when Wiseman appeared and convinced her that its effects were illusions.

Later in the anime, Sailor Moon would use the command "Moon Crystal Power" to call upon the power of the Silver Crystal without directing it into a specific attack, similar to how the Sailor_Scouts would call upon the power of their guardian planet. As one example, at the end of the Sailor Moon R movie when the Inner Senshi combined their powers with Sailor Moon to redirect the asteroid, Sailor Moon used this command to call upon the Crystal's power. She also used it aginst wiseman.

Sailor Mini Moon also used this command in Act 42 of the manga, when she and the other Senshi combined their powers to aid Sailor Moon's Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss attack. Sailor Moon also used this phrase to try to awaken Neo Queen Serenity.

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