Moon Gorgeous Meditation is a finishing move used by Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon Super S, mostly against Remless. The preliminary form is Super Moon Target.

In order for it to be used, Sailor Mini Moon must first use Crystal Twinkle Bell to summon Pegasus, who will then give Sailor Moon the power to use the attack.

For the Amazon Trio's Remless (and Mr. Magic Pierrot), the disintegration shows the Remless as the screen shatters into pieces of glass. Then it shows the Remless's shadow disappear. With the Amazon Quartet's Remless, the disintegrations are altered so that it directly shows the Remless shattering into pieces.

The glass effect makes this attack look strikingly similar to Yami's "Mind Crush" attack on Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Every single Remless (except the unnamed ones in the circus tent, which are destroyed by all the Sailor Scouts) was destroyed by Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Kill Count

  1. Karakuriko (as Super Moon Target)
  2. Danko (as Super Moon Target)
  3. Cannonball
  4. Juggling Jackal
  5. Puko
  6. Kigurumiko
  7. Tenko
  8. Hebihanabiko
  9. Mizugeiko
  10. Tsunawataro
  11. Buranko
  12. Ayatoriko
  13. Sea Lion
  14. Gittanko
  15. Bakkonko
  16. Autobiko
  17. Mawashitaro
  18. Ponko
  19. Kurumiwario
  20. Elephanko
  21. Shuffle
  22. Tobihaneru
  23. Mr. Magic Pierrot
  24. Garagara
  25. Kerokero
  26. Manemane
  27. Garigari
  28. Jarajara
  29. Jumper
  30. Togetoge
  31. Paopao Girl
  32. Peropero
  33. Pakupaku
  34. Biribiri





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