Moon Healing Activation' is an attack used by Sailor Moon in the Sailor Moon anime. She uses the Crescent Moon Wand to do the attack, and uses it to heal anyone turned into a monster, or else brainwashed.

The wand was given to Sailor Moon by Luna in Episode 21, Jupiter Comes Thundering In.

Apparently, healing someone turned into a monster will prevent them from being turned into a monster again, killing the monster they were turned into while releasing the victim unharmed (though they usually collapse at the end).

Targets Healed

# Name Original form
1. Game Machine Man Game Machine Joe
2. Bobo the Vulture A priest
3. Bumboo Greg
4, Veena Peggy Jones
5. Techniclon Rita


Grandpa Hino
7. Bakene Hercules
8. Akan A stuntman
9. Mitsuaami Several people at a hair salon
10. Polite Society Countess Rose
11. Blizzard Stormy Kincaid
12. Misha Misha
13. Janelle Janelle
14. Ancient Creature of the Lake The spirit of a girl
15. Prince Darien Darien (was brainwashed)
16. Ninjana Nancy Vargas