Moon Scepter Elimination, also known as Moon Scepter Activation, is an offensive attack used by Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon R.

She uses the Moon Scepter to shoot an energy wave that usually destroys the enemy it hits, but stronger enemies like Rubeus can survive it.

Starting from the fight with Rubeus, she says "Moon Scepter Activation" instead of "Elimination", but uses "Elimination" again the one time she uses it in Sailor Moon S, in which Mikuzi counters it.

Cardians hit with the attack will disintegrate in a unique way (slightly less so than the tiara), while droids hit with it will dissolve into blue dust.

Kill Count

  1. Racy
  2. Vulturous
  3. Skulker
  4. Amphibia
  5. Mophead
  6. Pierrot
  7. Insectia
  8. Droido
  9. Frosty
  10. Rhonda
  11. Thunderclap
  12. Jellax
  13. Avocado
  14. Hypnotica
  15. Grim Man
  16. Marzipan
  17. Regalia
  18. Injector
  19. Animal Instinct
  20. Mistrust
  21. Doom
  22. Gloom
  23. Emerald




  • After the dubbing hiatus, Moon Scepter Elimination became Moon Scepter Activation. Whether this was on purpose, or because of the new writing team is still unknown. Mercury Ice Storm Blast also got the same treatment and became Shine Aqua Illusion.


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