Moon Spiral Heart Attack is the finishing move used by Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon S. She uses the attack mostly to destroy Daimons.

She uses the Spiral Heart Moon Scepter to attack them, and the disintegration shows a giant heart crashing through them and the enemy disintegrating (though with not quite as good graphics as Negamonsters or Cardians).

Kill Count

  1. Nekonnell
  2. Steeringoo
  3. Octave
  4. Osoji
  5. Die Heart
  6. Scar
  7. Dovlin
  8. Tiren
  9. Toden
  10. Haikyun
  11. Senishenta
  12. Soyer
  13. Chagarma
  14. Ironder
  15. Hurdler
  16. Chiseller
  17. Chiquon
  18. Doorknobder
  19. Rangy




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