Moon Tiara Magic is an attack used by Sailor Moon to destroy enemies in the Sailor Moon anime.

She first uses the attack in Episode 1, A Moon Star is Born, to destroy Morga.

Sailor Moon will take her tiara by touching its gemstone and then removing the whole thing from her head, turn it into an energy disk, and say "Moon Tiara Magic!" She will then throw the tiara to destroy whoever she throws it at.

The victim will dissolve into dust, which looks unique to each episode.

On two occasions, she combines the attack with Sailor Mars's Mars Fire Ignite, and on one occasion, combines it with Mars Fire Ignite and Sailor Mercury's Mercury Bubbles Blast.

The tiara can also be used to trap an enemy by turning into an energy ring, or even attaching it to an enemy's head and electrocuting them.

Jedite once stopped the tiara from destroying him. Also, Leo the Lion survived a direct hit from it.

In Sailor Moon R, the tiara lost its power, but Sailor Moon acquired a new finishing move called Moon Scepter Elimination.

Sailor Moon uses it against Cyprin and Petirol in Sailor Moon S, and also a few times in Sailor Moon Super S.

Kill Count

  1. Morga
  2. Fro
  3. Derela
  4. Garoben
  5. Ramwoir
  6. Dream Dolly
  7. Titus
  8. Tensie
  9. Petasos
  10. Black Widow
  11. Kyameran
  12. Jumo
  13. Gemini Warriors
  14. Soul Shadow
  15. Yasha
  16. Housenka
  17. Grape
  18. Suzuran
  19. Vampeal





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