Biographical Information
Name Mophead
Eye Color
Hair Color
Skin Color
Enemy Information
Monster Type
Operations Base
Power Source
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "Food Fetish"
Last Appearance "Food Fetish"
English Voice Lisa Dalbello
Japanese Voice

Mophead is the ninth Cardian that Alan and Ann summon, though her objective is to defeat the Sailor Scouts rather than gather energy for the Doom Tree. She attacks by wrapping her victims up in moplike strings, and may even trap them inside a ball of these strings. She appeared in Sailor Moon R Episode 9, Food Fetish.

When Ann saw Lita having lunch with Alan, she got extremely jealous and attacked them. When Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury arrived, Alan transformed into his true form (out of sight of anyone else), and he and Ann summoned Mophead to defeat them. Mophead trapped Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury inside a ball of moplike strings and tied up Sailor Jupiter, when the Moonlight Knight appeared to set Sailor Jupiter free. Sailor Jupiter then used a new attack, the Jupiter Thunder Dragon Crash, to damage Mophead. Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars arrived, Sailor Venus shooting Mophead with Venus Crescent Beam Smash, and Sailor Mars destroying the ball of string that Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury were in by burning it with Mars Fire Ignite. Mophead was then destroyed when Sailor Moon hit her with Moon Scepter Elimination.

Her name comes from her hair being in the appearance of a mop.

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