Naz Edwards
Naz Edwards (2015)
Biographical Information
G. Name Nazig Dombalagian
S. Name Naz Edwards
Born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Birth February 2, 1952[1]
Role(s) Queen Beryl
Appeared in Sailor Moon

Naz Edwards is an American voice actor, singer, and theater actor. She is best known for her voice work as Queen Beryl in the first season of Optimum Productions localizations of Sailor Moon produced by DiC Entertainment.


Personal Life

Naz Edwards was born February 2, 1952 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as Nazig Dombalagian.[note 1] Edwards is of Armenian descent.

Film and Television

Edwards' television work includes the 1994 film, And Then There Was One, and the 1995 film The Shamrock Conspiracy.[1] Her last credited film role was the 2002 film, Meet Prince Charming.

Stage and Theater

Edwards began working in the theater in 1986. Her first credited role was Olympus on My Mind as Charis. In 1987 she starred in The Phantom of the Opera as Madame Giry. In 1992, she starred in Anna Karenina in three roles (Performer, Dunyasha, Woman at Party).[2]

Other Works

In 2012 and 2014, Edwards was a regional judge for the Songbook Academy, a summer intensive for high school students operated by the Great American Songbook Foundation and founded by Michael Feinstein.[3][4]


  1. (Armenian: Նազիգ Դոմբալագիան)


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