Negamoon Sisters

From left to right: Prizma, Bertie, Avery, and Catzi

The Negamoon Sisters are the four girls who work for Rubeus in Sailor Moon R. Their names are Catzi, Bertie, Avery, and Prizma.

Catzi is said to be the oldest. Other sources report her as the youngest, with Bertie as the next youngest, then Avery, then Prizma as the oldest. It is clearly said in the anime that Prizma is older than Avery. If it is to be believed that Catzi is the oldest and not the youngest, then the order would be, from oldest to youngest: Catzi, Prizma, Avery, and Bertie.

They sent droids to help them take over crystal points in Tokyo, but all their plans were foiled by Sailor Moon, and the droids destroyed.

Eventually, the Negamoon Sisters and Rubeus faced off against the Sailor Scouts. Catzi fought Sailor Mars, Bertie fought Sailor Mercury, Avery fought Sailor Venus, and Prizma fought Sailor Jupiter. They were forced to retreat when Sailor Moon gained the upper hand on Rubeus.

Eventually, they all turned good and were healed by Sailor Moon with Moon Crystal Healing Activation: First Catzi, then Bertie, then Avery and Prizma. They opened a cosmetic shop following this.

Their final appearance was in Episode 39, . They found Sapphire after he was attacked by Wiseman.

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