Neptune Deep Submerge, or Deep Submerge, is Sailor Neptune's attack. She attacks by shooting a blue energy ball shaped like a planet. It is a water attack, evidenced by the way it weakened Chiseler (who is weak against water).

It was used along with Sailor Uranus's World Shaking to destroy the Daimon Heart Snatcher, Mikuzi. It was also used to destroy a monster possessing a kid. To perform the attack, she lifts her arms above her head and brings them down, sending a ball of blue energy shaped like the planet Neptune towards her enemies.


  • In the manga version, if you separate the kanji into singular characters for "Deem Submerge" (深水没) it translates to "Deep Water Death".
  • Deep Submerge seems to emulate the crushing force of deep sea pressure.
  • Unlike Sailor Mercury’s attacks, which utilize water itself to strike enemies, Deep Submerge seems take energy from the ocean itself to attack (as seen midway through the attack, when Sailor Neptune gathers water from the sea around her only to convert it into energy). However, it’s also possible that water is still a component of the attack, as seen with how it affects certain targets.
  • Like Uranus World Shaking and Pluto Deadly Scream, Deep Submerge takes the form of a planet (presumably Neptune) to attack the target.
  • The attack would alternate between "Neptune Deep Submerge" and "Deep Submerge" throughout the season.
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