"But I felt so lonely..."

-Serena about calling her friends

No Ordinary Horsepower is the second episode of Sailor Moon Super S. It was preceded by Dreams Take Flight and followed by Sweet Dreams.


The Amazon Trio target Rita.

Serena asks Rini if she knows anything about Pegasus, but she says nothing, as Pegasus told her not to tell anyone she saw him (presumably so the Dark Moon Circus won't know that she is the one they are looking for). While searching for Pegasus, they, Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina run into Rita. She has been offered the job of teaching in Europe, but Andrew has not answered her calls ever since. Serena and Mina ask Andrew why, but he doesn't tell them.

Rini asks Rita if she has ever seen a horse with wings and a horn, and she says such a creature exists in the world of dreams. As Rita is riding on her horse, unable to make jumps because of the distance between her and Andrew, Tiger's Eye appears and traps Rita on a board. He extracts her dream mirror, when Rini transforms into Sailor Mini Moon to fight him. Tiger's Eye sends a Remless named Danko to fight her. He looks into Rita's dreams, but does not find Pegasus, so he tells Danko to kill her.

The other Sailor Scouts arrive and fight Danko. Danko has them all on the run with her whip, until Pegasus appears and turns Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon into Super Sailors. Using Super Moon Target, Sailor Moon destroys Danko.

While Rita is listening, Andrew tells the girls that he was avoiding Rita because he didn't want her to miss such a great opportunity just for him, and let her make the right decision. Andrew and Rita get back together.


  • First and last appearance of Remless Danko


Serena: (answers the telephone) DARIEN!? What's the deal!? You haven't called me for days!!!

Darien: Actually, every time I call you the line's busy. I even tried you earlier today. But of course, it was busy then, too. Try spending less time on the phone!