Sailor Scout Object
Parchment Scroll
Parchment Scroll
1st Appearance "An Uncharmed Life"
Object Information
Element Spiritual-based
Weapon Type Warding charm

A Parchment Scroll (also known as Ofuda Scroll, Ancient Japanese Scroll, Charm Scroll, and Anti-Evil Ward Scroll) are pieces of material with Japanese kanji script written on them used by Raye Hino to banish evil spirits by chanting "I call upon the power of Mars, Fireballs Charge!" which is then thrown to stop negative forces in their tracks. Parchment Scrolls and other similar charms are sold at Raye's Cherry Hill Temple.

These scrolls also used by Sailor Mars for her Mars Fireballs Charge attack, and combined with Mars Fire Ignite to perform Mars Firebird Strike.

In The Promise of the Rose Raye used a large amount of Parchment Scrolls for her Evil Spirits Disperse attack against the horde of plant monster zombies. However her attacks were not fast enough to actually hit the Flower Demon that was controlling the zombies.

As Sailor Mars' attacks get stronger, she uses these items less.


  • The Japanese Kanji script on the ofuda that Raye uses says Evil Spirits Disperse (悪霊退散).[1]
  • O-fuda (御札 or お札 o-fuda?, a charm) is a type of household amulet or talisman, issued or sold by a Shinto shrine, hung in the house for protection, a gofu (護符?).
  • Ofuda's may also be called shinpu (神符?). It is made by inscribing the name of a kami and the name of the Shinto shrine or of a representative of the kami on a strip of paper, wood, cloth, or metal.


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