Pegasus Revealed

4 (Sailor Moon Super S)

Air date

November , 2000


Genki Yoshimura(original)


Junichi Satou




Dream Believer


Rini's Lovely Rhapsody

Pegasus Revealed is the 31st episode of Sailor Moon Super S. It was preceded by Dream Believer and followed by Rini's Lovely Rhapsody.


Rini begins to wish that she was grown up.

ParaPara tells several people a lame story, and extracts all their dream mirrors at once. None of them are the golden mirror. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon arrive to stop her. Sailor Moon says she wants to be a child again so she can get easier homework, and Sailor Mini Moon says she wants to be an adult, so ParaPara switches their ages around. The other Sailor Scouts show up, and ParaPara runs off.

Pegasus is no longer able to respond to Rini's calls, but she is still able to dream about him. He says he was unable to see the light of her dream. He takes her to Elysion, the dream world he lives in (and the location of the crystal forest he took the Amazon Trio to). Elysion is dark and frozen. It is a world made of the dreams of the people of the world, and was once a beautiful place, until the Dark Moon Circus invaded, in search of the Golden Crystal. They want to use it to engulf the world in darkness, and also break Queen Nehelenia out of her mirror. At the time, he was in human form, and possessed the golden crystal (which is now his horn). He was captured by Queen Nehelenia and imprisoned in her mirror, but before she could take his crystal, Rini's dream light reached him and gave him the power to transform into Pegasus and enter the dream world (though his body remained imprisoned).

The reason why Rini's dream light is unable to reach Pegasus is because her dream to grow up was achieved by dark magic. Pegasus returns Rini to normal with his magic, and reveals himself in human form to her. He says he is the guardian of dreams, and his real name is Helios.

Serena is also returned to normal.

ParaPara extracts more dream mirrors. None of them are gold. The Sailor Scouts arrive to stop her, and she summons a Remless named Peropero to fight them. Sailor Jupiter uses Jupiter Oak Evolution on her, but she multiplies and attacks them. Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars use Venus Love and Beauty Shock and Mars Flame Shooter, but these are inaffective, however Sailor Mercury's Mercury Aqua Rhapsody works on them. They merge back together into Peropero. Tuxedo Mask attacks her, and Sailor Mini Moon uses Crystal Twinkle Bell to summon Pegasus, and Sailor Moon destroys Peropero with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.


  • Pegasus's origin and true identity are revealed
  • This episode featured the song "Here in my Heart", an adaptation of "Wanting to Be Together with You" written by Angelo Oddi.
  • First and last appearance of Remless Peropero
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