Peggy Jones is an artist who appeared in Sailor Moon Episode 24, An Artful Attack. She painted several pictures under the name Lana Lanai, one of which is a picture of a Moon Princess. She is also one of the seven rainbow crystal carriers, and therefore has the soul of Veena, one of the Seven Shadows, inside her. Serena got her to draw a picture of her and Darien. Her work did not sell well at first, until she started using the name Lana Lanai. Zoycite extracted Peggy's green crystal and transformed her into Veena. She was healed by Sailor Moon using Moon Healing Activation.

She was later recaptured by Prince Darien, under Queen Beryl's control, in an attempt to use Veena's power (even though she was killed when Peggy was healed) to create an invincible shadow monster, but she was released along with the other carriers when the crystal was broken.

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