"I want the children to live normally with family and friends the way life's supposed to be!"-Perle

Perle is a young fairy that appears in the Sailor Moon super S movie. He is the film's tritagonist. It is unknown if this is actually true in the English dub, but he is the younger brother of Pupulan. He used to work for the main antagonist of the movie, Badiyanu, but found out soon it was for selfish intentions and ran away. His age is unknown but he looks like a twelve-year-old boy whom Rini became friends with after meeting him at a sweets store and later joins the Sailor Scouts after Rini is kidnapped and for the rest of the movie.


Perle has teal eyes and a slightly pale

Perle as he tries to save Rini.

skin color with silver/white hair similar to helios' his clothing is white with several spiral trims possibly as a belt and bracelets in the later portion of the movie he is reveals to have multicolored wings.


His pipe can stop his oppenent's attacks with a special tune

His pipe can also reveal secrets as shown when he shows the antagonist's hidden castle.

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