"I want the children to live normally with family and friends the way life's supposed to be!"

Peruru is a Dream Elf that appears in the Sailor Moon Super S movie. He is the film's deuteragonist and younger brother of Pupulan. He was originally under the main antagonist of the movie, Badiyanu's command, but soon found out her true intentions and left.

He has the appearance of a twelve-year-old boy, but his real age is unknown.

Rini first becomes friends with him in his human form after meeting him outside a sweets store. The two instantly have a connection, and he appears later in his true Dream Elf form to protect Rini against Pupulan's Bonbon Babies. He then joins the Sailor Scouts after Rini is kidnapped to help save her and the rest of Earth from the Black Dream Hole.


Peruru has teal eyes and a slightly pale skin color with silvery hair. His clothing are pearl colored, with several spiral trims possibly as a belt and bracelets. In the later portion of the movie he is reveals to have multicolored fairy wings.


His Pipe has many magical abilities depending on the tune played. In human form, he played a melody that made the cookies in the sweets shop levitate and dance, and in Elf form, he uses different melodies to control his brother's Bonbon Babies, and move the Dream Castle Gondolas.

His pipe can also reveal secrets as shown when he shows the antagonist's hidden castle.

Peruru is voiced by Julie Lemieux.

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