Phony Fairy

4 (Sailor Moon Super S)

Air date

October 9, 2000


Genki Yoshimura(original)


Kunihiko Ikuhara




The Trouble With Love


Driven Dreamer

"Well, her feet smelled fishy."

"I know! She must be the Fishy Fairy!"

-Diana and Serena

Phony Fairy is the 10th episode of Sailor Moon Super S. It was preceded by The Trouble With Love and followed by Driven Dreamer.


Rini finds a book with fairy artwork in it. On her way home, Rini runs into Mr. Kitakata, the man who wrote the book. He says that the flower that appears in the book appeared to him in a dream, and Pegasus tells Rini that it only exists in his world.

Fish Eye targets Mr. Kitakata, as she is more interested in targeting men (unlike Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye). She disguises herself as a fairy and meets him in the forest. He falls in love with her. Rini and Diana spy on them, and when Diana walks up to her, Fish Eye freaks out and runs off, as she hates cats. Rini and Diana tell Serena and the others. Artemis and Mina suspect that Fish Eye is the enemy, so they all decide to go to the woods and check it out.

Eventually, Fish Eye reveals her true identity to Mr. Kitakata and traps him. She extracts his dream mirror. Serena and Rini witness this and transform. Fish Eye does not find Pegasus, and is about to kill him when Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon stop her. She summons a Remless named Tsunawataro, who makes Sailor Moon walk on a tightrope, until Tuxedo Mask stops him. Sailor Moon and Tsunawataro fall, and Tuxedo Mask catches Sailor Moon. Sailor Mini Moon uses Crystal Twinkle Bell to summon Pegasus, and Sailor Moon destroys Tsunawataro with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Mr. Kitakata believes Sailor Moon to be a fairy. Meanwhile, Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina continue searching for Mr. Kitakata and Fish Eye, until they realize that they are in the wrong forest.


  • First and last appearance of Remless Tsunawataro
  • This is the first time Fish Eye goes on a mission. Also, the first time in seven episodes that Tiger's Eye doesn't.
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