Promises Fulfilled

2 (Sailor Moon R)

Air date

October 18, 1997(Canada)
December 4, 1998(USA)


Sukehiro Tomita(original)


Harume Kosaka




Emerald Takes Over


No Thanks, Nurse Venus!

Promises Fulfilled is the 30th episode of Sailor Moon R. It was preceded by Emerald Takes Over and followed by No Thanks, Nurse Venus!


Serena's class all begin making love bracelets, including Molly and Melvin. Serena decides to go to a school in a bracelet shop where they teach people how to make them, in the hopes that she can make a love bracelet to get her and Darien back together. Unbeknownst to her, this bracelet shop is one of Tokyo's vulnerable spots, and Emerald's next target. Emerald places a Dark Wedge there and summons a droid named Regalia to look after the area.

Regalia poses as a teacher of the bracelet school, where the love bracelets are contaminated by dark energy, and anyone wearing them will also be contaminated until the city is full of dark energy. Serena finds it too hard to make love bracelets, is unable to finish hers, and falls asleep, and has the same nightmare Darien did about their marriage leading to the world being destroyed, and now knows why Darien was avoiding her. Serena tells Darien this. He avoids her still, not wanting her to get hurt. Luna, Artemis, and Rini follow them, but Rini puts on Serena's love bracelet and it attacks her with dark energy, until Luna takes it off.

The girls all transform and attack Regalia, who attacks with evil rings that are designed to make people suffer or hate each other, and Tuxedo Mask despises her for corrupting a symbol of love, with him and each of the Sailor Scouts showing up to stop Regalia's attacks every time. Sailor Moon destroys Regalia with Moon Scepter Elimination.

Tuxedo Mask says they will need to work together to save the present and the future. Serena goes to see Darien, and they kiss, reunited at last.


  • Serena and Darien are back together again!
  • First and last appearance of Droid Marzipan.


  • Regalia's rings are arranged the same as the Olympic Rings.
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