Queen Serenity

Queen Serenity is the ruler of the Moon Kingdom, and mother of Princess Serena.

When the Moon Kingdom was attacked by the Negaverse, and Serena, Darien, and the Sailor Scouts taken by the Negaforce, Queen Serenity used the last of her power to use Cosmic Moon Power, sealing everyone inside the power of the Imperium Silver Crystal. Before dying from losing all her energy, she sent Serena, Darien, and the Sailor Scouts into the future to be reborn on Earth. She also sent Luna and Artemis to awaken them when the time came.

In Episode 39, The Past Returns, she appeared to take the Sailor Scouts into the past and show them the whole story.

In the fifth episode of Sailor Moon R, Queen Serenity reappeared to give Sailor Moon a new locket to transform after it was destroyed by Racy. She also gave her the Moon Scepter so she could use Moon Scepter Elimination to defeat her enemies.

Voiced by Wendy Lyon