Racy is the fifth Cardian sent by Alan and Ann to gather energy for the Doom Tree. She is a plantlike beastlike monster who drains energy and even sucks people into portals. She appeared in Sailor Moon R Episode 5, Cherry Blossom Time.

At a picnic, Racy sucked the energy out of Melvin, Molly, and Miss Haruna, leaving them unconscious, and later sucked more energy from Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina. Sailor Moon tried to stop her, but Racy destroyed her locket, reversing her transformation. She then sucked Serena and Luna into a portal where they were nearly killed, but saw Queen Serenity, who used the silver crystal to restore Sailor Moon's locket, and giving her transformation saying a new name: Moon Crystal Power. Sailor Moon returned to fight Racy, and received a scepter from Queen Serenity. Racy became the first of many victims of Sailor Moon's Moon Scepter Elimination. However, she had succeeded in gathering a lot of energy for the Doom Tree.


  • Racy is one of the four most significant monsters of the week, as she breaks Serena's locket (before it is restored, and with more power).
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