Ramwoir is a Negamonster sent by Jedite to gather energy for the Negaverse. She appeared in Sailor Moon Episode 6, Time Bomb.

Ramwoir posed as a store clerk at a shop that sells clocks. She sold clocks (one of which resembled Luna) that made people in a rush (Serena left for school early when she usually is late for school). Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury confronted Ramwoir inside her store, where she led them into the grandfather clock into a time warp. Ramwoir temporarily turned Sailor Moon into a smaller, younger version of herself. She then froze the two Sailor Scouts in time, until Tuxedo Mask threw a rose at the clock to release all the energy it had absorbed. Sailor Mercury used Mercury Bubbles Blast, and Sailor Moon destroyed Ramwoir with Moon Tiara Magic.


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