Biographical Information
Name Rangy
Aliases None
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Gray
Skin Color Crimson
Enemy Information
Monster Type Daimon
Alignment Bureau of Bad Behavior
Affiliation None
Rank None
Mission Collect Pure Hearts
Operations Base
Power Source
Weaknesses None known
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance Tough Kindness
Last Appearance Tough Kindness
English Voice Unknown
Japanese Voice

"Pure Hearts! I must have Pure Hearts!"
—Rangy, Ep. #120

Rangy is the final Daimon Heart Snatcher. She appeared in the 38th and final episode of Sailor Moon S, Tough Kindness.

After the defeat of Pharaoh 90, Mugen School and all of Dr. Tomoe's lab experiments were destroyed. All but one single Daimon Pod survived. With the help of the electrical energy from a lightning storm, the Pod formed into a Daimon and when it dragged itself inside the Heart Snatcher oven (which was still active), it combined with it and became Rangy.

Her one and only mission, without any master, was to collect Pure Hearts.

Rini had just left for the future when the Sailor Scouts got word of the attack and finally arrived at Tokyo Bay. They found Rangy had constructed a giant round-bottom flask for all the Heart Crystals she had collected. Tuxedo Mask's rose knocked the lever to close it.

Without the Purity Chalice and Sailor Moon's powered up attack, Rangy was found to be a formidable opponent. She was fast; dodging all the Scouts' attacks, and she had the girls beat. That was until Sailor Mini Moon returned to distract Rangy with her Pink Sugar Heart Attack move. Tuxedo Mask then took her out with a Rose attack, and gave a compelling speech that helped Sailor Moon overcome her fears and defeat Rangy with her Moon Spiral Heart Attack technique. After Rangy's evil spirit left the oven, it fell to the ground and was destroyed once and for all.

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