Raye's Day in the Spotlight

2 (Sailor Moon R)

Air date

November 21, 1995(Cananda)
December 1, 1995(USA)


Katsuyuki Sumizawa


Harume Kosaka




Much Ado About Babysitting


Food Fetish

"Raye's Day in the Spotlight" is the eighth episode of Sailor Moon R. It was preceded by Much Ado About Babysitting and followed by Food Fetish.


Raye organizes and is going to be the star in the Autumn Festival, singing songs that she worked hard on (but pretends to everyone that she had an easy time coming up with them).

Alan and Ann plan to attack the festival and drain everyone's energy. A girl named Sarah Howe forces them to dress up as aliens for the fashion show, which raises the audience's energy level enough. Alan summons a Cardian named Amphibia to drain everyone's energy by sprinkling gold dust on them. Serena, Amy, Lita, and Mina transform into Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus to fight her. Raye's energy is drained as well, but after the arrival of the Moonlight Knight, Raye transforms into Sailor Mars and uses Mars Fire Ignite, but to no effect.

Amphibia knocks over Raye's music sheets with her tail. Seeing this, Sailor Mars uses a new attack, Mars Firebird Strike, to damage Amphibia. Sailor Moon destroys her with Moon Scepter Elimination, and the festival continues.


  • First time Sailor Mars uses Mars Firebird Strike.
  • First and last appearance of Cardian Amphibia.
  • When Sailor Moon Transforms she says "Moon Prism Power" even though its supposed to be "Moon Crystal Power" now.
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