Rini's Lovely Rhapsody is the 32nd episode of Sailor Moon Super S. It was preceded by Pegasus Revealed and followed by Tomorrow's Big Dreams.


Rini has a dream where she is riding through pink clouds on Pegasus's back, and then she has giant wings and can fly.

Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita, Mina, and Darien are sure that Rini has a boyfriend, and wonder who it could be.

Inside Queen Nehelenia's mirror, Nehelenia has Helios's body trapped, as when he became Pegasus, his spirit was separated from his body. She tells Zirconia that she is getting impatient. He gives the Amazon Quartet a picture of their next target.

Serena and the others try to figure out who Rini's new boyfriend is, and Amy and Mina talk her into describing him. She says he has a long face and is white as snow. Later, they see a man feeding fish, who has white hair and a long face, and assume he is Rini's boyfriend.

Jun Jun appears and extracts the man's dream mirror with her green orb. It is not the golden mirror. Serena and the others transform to stop her. She summons a Remless named Pakupaku, who resembles a giant fish. He eats the dream mirror and tries to eat Sailor Mini Moon, but Tuxedo Mask attacks him and keeps his mouth shut. Sailor Mini Moon uses Crystal Twinkle Bell to summon Pegasus, and Sailor Moon uses Moon Gorgeous Meditation to destroy Pakupaku, releasing the dream mirror.

Rini tells everyone that the man with the long face is not her boyfriend, and that she can't say who her boyfriend is.


  • First and last appearance of Remless Pakupaku