Rini's Risky Friendship

3 (Sailor Moon S)

Air date

July 13, 2000


Megumi Sugihara(original)


Kounosuke Uda




Show Stoppers


Mimet's Mess

Rini's Risky Friendship is the 24th episode of Sailor Moon S. It was preceded by Show Stoppers and followed by Mimet's Mess.


When Rini tells Serena that she has a new friend, Serena assumes that it is a boy. Meanwhile, Darien meets up with Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto, who have been sent from the future. Their mission was to protect the Silver Millennium from enemies invading from another solar system, and the enemies vanished, and reappeared on Earth in the present. The reason they don't want to work with Sailor Moon is because they think she would just get in their way and would be unable to defeat the evil forces.

Serena comes with Rini as she goes over to Hotaru's house, and is shocked to see Kaorinite (who was killed earlier in the series) answer the door. However, like Doctor Tomoe she does not appear to be evil while in front of Serena and Rini. Rini has never seen Kaorinite before and knows nothing about her.

When Tomoe returns to his evil lab, Mimet sets her sights on a writer named Charles Henry Clark. Tomoe uses a page from a comic book with his Heart Snatcher oven to create a Daimon for her. As Hotaru is showing Serena and Rini around, she sees Serena's locket, and the Sovereign of Silence briefly speaks through her when she picks it up.

After getting Charles's autograph, Mimet releases her Daimon, Uhenshu, who sucks out Charles's Pure Heart through his mouth. Serena witnesses this and transforms into Sailor Moon to fight her. Uhensu traps her with a giant book cover, but is attacked by Sailor Pluto using Pluto Deadly Scream. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune arrive as well, but are at a disadvantage to Uhenshu. Tuxedo Mask shows up with Sailor MercurySailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus. Tuxedo Mask tells Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto that working together will be more effective. Sailor Moon transforms into Super Sailor Moon and destroys Uhenshu with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache, releasing Charles's Pure Heart unharmed.


  • First and last appearance of Daimon Uhenshu
  • First appearance of Kaorinite since her death in Birthday Blues Part 2. It is later revealed that Doctor Tomoe revived her.
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