is a minor character. She is Andrew's girlfriend. She is also one of the seven crystal carriers, and therefore has one of the Seven Shadows inside her as well. After Zoycite extracted the blue crystal from her, she was turned into Techniclon, one of the Seven Shadows. She was healed by Sailor Moon using Moon Healing Activation.

In Episode 37, she was recaptured in South Africa by Prince Darien (brainwashed by the Negaverse), who was capturing the carriers inside a crystal to use the powers of the Seven Shadows (which remained even though the shadows were killed when the carriers were healed) to create an invincible shadow, but was released when the crystal was broken.

In Sailor Moon Super S, she was targeted by the Amazon Trio, and Tiger's Eye went after her. She has been offered the job of teaching in Europe, and since then Andrew hasn't been answering her calls. After Tiger's Eye doesn't find Pegasus in her dreams, and his Remless, Danko, is destroyed, Andrew told Rita that he didn't want her to give up her dream just for him, and wanted her to make the decision she thought was right.


  • When Rita first appears in Episode 25, she is going to Africa to study insects (entomology), but when Prince Darien re-captures her there at the beginning of Episode 37, she appears to be looking at fossils instead.
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