Sailor Mercury Moving On? is the sixteenth episode of Sailor Moon R. It was preceded by The Cosmetic Caper and followed by Gramps in a Pickle.


Rini is looking for the Imperium Silver Crystal, while Amy has been offered a scholarship to study in Germany to become a doctor. Luna and Artemis give the Sailor Scouts new transformation pens, and the word "Star" is added in the middle of their transformation phrase (such as Mercury Star Power), except for Serena's, which is still Moon Crystal Power. They also give them communicators.

Rini suspects that Amy has the silver crystal, and stays at her place overnight, in an attempt to steal it. That night, Bertie summons a droid named Frosty to take over an ice cream shop, which is one of the crystal points. Anyone who eats the ice cream falls under her spell, becoming mean and angry. Artemis discovers them, so Frosty freezes him. When Amy tells Rini that she is leaving today, Rini realizes that she doesn't have the silver crystal.

The other Sailor Scouts go to stop Frosty, with Darien and Rini taking Amy's new transformation pen and communicator to her. She realizes that she has plenty of time to study to become a doctor, and decides to stay for now. Frosty freezes Luna, and nearly does the same to the Sailor Scouts before Sailor Mercury arrives and uses a new attack, Shine Aqua Illusion, to freeze Frosty, who is then destroyed by Sailor Moon using Moon Scepter Elimination.


  • First appearance of Sailor Mercury's Shine Aqua Illusion.
  • First and last appearance of Droid Frosty.
  • The song featured in this episode is called "Only a Memory Away".


  • When Artemis says, "So when does she leave?", Ron Rubin talks in his real voice.


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