A screencap the Sailor Says segment in episode 14, "Shutter Bugged". This particular segment comments briefly on the importance of internal beauty vs. external beauty

"Sailor Moon Says!"
—Serena at the end of a segment

Sailor Says or Sailor Moon Says was a supplementary segment unique to the English dub in the first and second seasons of Sailor Moon.


Sailor Says were exclusive segment produced for the North American Dub of Sailor Moon. They were modeled after Public Service Announcements and were added to the end of several episodes on account of broadcast regulations set by the FCC, who wanted educational segments included at the end of shows aimed at children.[1][2]

The segments were roughly thirty seconds long and occurred at the end of each episode, featuring new dialogue voiced over old footage, usually from the same episode. In some instances, the Sailor Says segments would use footage removed from the episodes on account of content or time.[3] In these segments, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts would address the viewer and discuss a self-improvement or moral topic related to the episode's plot.

During the second season, Sailor Moon R, a few Sailor Says segments had similar or identical dialogue to previous segments, rerecorded and played over different footage. Eventually in the final 17 episodes after the 2-year hiatus, recycled Sailor Says segment footage was used from the previous 65 episodes.


  • The Sailor Says segments were not carried forward by Cloverway for the production of Sailor Moon S and SuperS.
  • The Sailor Says for "Much Ado About Babysitting" contains a scene of Ann being peed on by Jordan Winston that was removed from the episode proper.[3]



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