Scar is a Daimon Heart Snatcher created by Kaorinite to extract Pure Hearts. She attacks by wrapping scarf-like appendages around her enemies. When she first appears, she wears a vile mask and blue scarf-life dress over her regular clothes, but later discards the guise when attacking Lita. She appeared in Sailor Moon S Episode 7, Lita Borrows Trouble.

Kaorinite sent Scar to extract Lita's Pure Heart, creating her by planting a Daimon pod in Amara's scarf. Scar extracted Lita's Pure Heart. The other Sailor Scouts attacked her, but it wasn't until Sailor Neptune attacked Scar that her attack was stopped, and the Pure Heart returned to her. Lita transformed into Sailor Jupiter and hit her with Supreme Thunder Crash, and Sailor Moon destroyed her with Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Her name is based off the word scar, and also scarf, as she was created from a scarf.

The English dub edited out the scene where Scar reveals the Heart Snatching Star, due to it being on her breast. 

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