The Seven Shadows are the seven most powerful Negamonsters. They were sealed inside the Imperium Silver Crystal by Queen Serenity. When the crystal broke into the seven Rainbow Crystals, a Shadow was trapped inside each one. They and the crystals were reborn inside humans with no memory of their past existences. From Episodes 21-27 of Sailor Moon, Zoycite set about gathering crystals and awakening the Seven Shadows.

  1. Game Machine Man is the Shadow inside Game Machine Joe and the red crystal. He uses a hammer to attack his enemies, and a crane to trap them.
  2. Bobo the Vulture is the Shadow inside a priest, and the orange crystal. He launches his boxing gloves to attack.
  3. Bumboo is the Shadow inside Greg, and the yellow crystal. He uses scissorlike devices to attack.
  4. Veena is the Shadow inside Peggy Jones and the green crystal. She uses feathers from her wings to draw items that she uses as weapons, like rocks to crush her enemies.
  5. Techniclon is the Shadow inside Rita and the blue crystal. She absorbs attacks with a vial and sends them back at her enemies.
  6. Pox is the Shadow inside Grandpa Hino and the indigo crystal. He is extremely fast and has super strength.
  7. Bakene is the Shadow inside Hercules the cat, and the purple crystal. His powers are unknown as he never really had the chance to attack anyone.

All the Seven Shadows were destroyed when Sailor Moon used Moon Healing Activation on them to turn them back into their original forms. Though it was impossible to bring the Seven Shadows back, their power still remained, and Prince Darien, under Queen Beryl's control, attempted to capture the rainbow crystal carriers to use the Shadows' power to create a warrior called the Invincible Shadow, but they only got six of them (Raye's grandpa being the only one to not be captured) before Sailor Mercury destroyed the Star Crystal, and Darien was healed by Sailor Moon. Thus, the Invincible Shadow never came to be.

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