Sailor Scout Attack
Shine Aqua Illusion15
シャイン・アクア・イリュージョン (Shine Aqua Illusion?)
Shine Aqua Illusion
1st Appearance "Sailor Mercury Moving On?"
Attack Information
Sailor Scout Sailor Mercury
Attack Type Offensive
Element Water based attack
"Shine Aqua Illusion!"
—Attack Phrase

Shine Aqua Illusion (also known as Mercury Ice Storm Blast[1]) is an offensive attack used by Sailor Mercury. The second[2] of Sailor Mercury's attacks, Shine Aqua Illusion is one of the more offensive attacks used by the Sailor Scouts. It was the first of the new Inner Sailor Scout attacks used in the Negamoon arc.


When Shine Aqua Illusion is used, Sailor Mercury is surrounded by drops of water that drop from above. She twirls and moves her arms from the crossed formation against her chest. Raising them above her head, a mass of swirling water forms above her in her hands. Shine Aqua Illusion either manifests as body of water or freezing water that transforms into ice when attacking an enemy. The attack is strongest against those who are weakened by water.

Sailor Moon R

Shine Aqua Illusion was first used in Sailor Moon R, Episode 16, "Sailor Mercury Moving On?". Sailor Mercury used it to freeze the Droid, Frosty when she attacked the other Sailor Scouts who were unable to defeat her ice-based attack.

Shine Aqua Illusion was used frequently throughout the series afterwards. It was used to weaken Droi Marzipan, who was made of cake, allowing Sailor Moon to finish her off. During the battle with Emerald, who was a gigantic dragon at the time, she used it to freeze her tail, but it hardly affected her as the ice was shattered.

Sailor Moon SuperS

In Sailor Moon SuperS, when Sailor Mercury was transformed into a Super Sailor, the attack was upgraded to "Super Aqua Illusion" and later, Mercury Aqua Rhapsody.




  • "Shine Aqua Illusion" is one of the few attacks to maintain its original name from the Japanese adaptation.
  • The first time 2 times Sailor Mercury uses this attack, she uses the phrase "Mercury Ice Storm Blast" instead of "Shine Aqua Illusion".


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  2. or third, technically, after the sub-attack, "Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze"

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