Shuffle is a Remless sent by Fish Eye to fight the Sailor Scouts. He has the appearance of a card, and attacks by throwing cards. He appeared in Sailor Moon Super S Episode 20, No Prince Charming.

When Tiger's Eye searched Lita's dreams and didn't find Pegasus, he left Fish Eye (who was there to give him the picture of Lita to tell him that she was one of the targets) to deal with Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon. So, she summoned Shuffle to fight them. Shuffle threw cards at Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon to pin them to the wall. He was about to kill them by throwing several cards at once, when Lita transformed into Sailor Jupiter and used Superior Sparkling Thunder to attack him and destroy his cards. Sailor Mini Moon called Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell, and Sailor Moon destroyed Shuffle with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.