Ski Bunny Blues

1, Sailor Moon (season)

Air date

October 16, 1995




Little Miss Manners


Ice Princess

"Ski Bunny Blues" is the 34th episode of Sailor Moon. It was preceded by Little Miss Manners and followed by Ice Princess.


Serena wants to enter the Miss Moon Princess contest at the Pinecone Ski Resort. Chad tells them that he has a place there and that they can stay there. The contest is really a trap by MalachitePrince Darien warns him not to underestimate Sailor Moon, and that he can only get the crystal by luring her toward the Negaverse. Malachite tells him he only tolerates him because Queen Beryl ordered him to, and yells at him to keep his mouth shut.

The girls go over to the ski resort and start skiiing. Chad tells Serena that to enter the Miss Moon Princess contest she must complete the hardest run, the Double Black Diamond. Stormy Kincaid, the previous champion, is under Malachite's control. Serena and Raye enter the race down the Double Black Diamond. Stormy creates obstacles to narrow the competition, leaving only Serena and Raye. Stormy transforms into a Negamonster named Blizzard and sends a boulder after them. Chad tries to stop it but gets run over. Walls close in around Serena and Raye (destroying the boulder) to trap them in an enclosed space.

After uncussessfully trying to escape, Serena and Raye remember that they can transform to escape. As Raye is about to transform, Chad enters, having dug a tunnel to help them escape. Blizzard enters and tells Raye, whom she believes to be Sailor Moon, to give her the crystal. Blizzard freezes Chad, who tries to protect Serena and Raye. Serena and Raye transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars. They fight Blizzard, who is stopped by Tuxedo Mask. He says they need Sailor Moon in one piece to use the crystal. Blizzard attacks them with a spear, but Tuxedo Mask breaks it. Sailor Moon uses Moon Healing Activation on Blizzard to turn her back into Stormy. Tuxedo Mask leaves saying he won't save them next time. Some time later, Raye and Serena are tending to Chad after he thaws out, before Stormy returns with Amy, Mina, and Lita, who are not too happy regarding what they heard regarding Serena and Raye from Stormy. Poor Serena starts crying in the end pleading at Raye's mercy.


  • First and last appearance of Negamonster Blizzard
  • Final episode where Queen Beryl doesn't appear.
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