So You Want to be a Superstar

1, Sailor Moon (season)

Air date

September 14, 1995


Shigeru Yanagawa (original episode)


Takao Yoshizawa (original episode)




Slim City


Computer School Blues

"Someone turn on the heat!"
—Sailor Moon being frozen temporarily by Derela

"So You Want to be a Superstar" is the fourth episode of Sailor Moon and the fourth episode in the series overall. The episode aired September 14, 1995 on the UPN Network.


Serena and Molly are late for school. When they arrive, they talk with Melvin and several girls about the new superstar, Saffron. Serena and Molly decide they want to become superstars as well. Jedite decides he can use Saffron to gather energy for the Negaforce.

Serena and Molly decide to become superstars on rock videos, and sing the Sailor Moon theme song, dancing badly, until Sammy enters and accuses them of torturing him. When Serena steps on Molly's foot, they get into a fight. Afterward, Serena sees a man and his monkey on TV, and decides to make Luna her partner, while Molly pairs up with Melvin.

Saffron is attacked in the showed by Jedite's servant Derela, who ties her up with her breath and then transforms into her. She and Jedite announce a contest, hypnotizing the audience into entering. Molly and Melvin enter, but Luna does not want to.

At the competition, Derela drains energy from all the contestants and audience, including Molly and Melvin. When Serena witnesses Derela in her true form, she transforms into Sailor Moon to fight her. Eventually Derela freezes Sailor Moon, but the ice is shattered by Tuxedo Mask. As Derela tries to attack him, Sailor Moon destroys her with Moon Tiara Magic, returning all the energy.

Sailor Says

Serena: It’s fun imaging being a movie star or rock and roll idol; all that attention, money and fame. But it’s no good trying to be somebody you’re not. What makes a real star isn’t about fame and money, but being the best person you could be and feeling good about yourself. Be a star in your own life. That’s what really counts, right Luna.
Luna: You said it. If only you’d practiced what you preach Serena.


  • First and last appearance of the Negamonster, Derela.
  • This is the second time Sailor Moon's tiara is clearly shown hitting the enemy it destroys
  • Luna mentions Queen Beryl in this episode.


  • The scene where Usagi hit Umino in the face with the streamer was cut, but it appeared in the Sailor Says segment.


  • In the dubbed version of the episode, Sailor Moon cried "Moon Tiara Vaporize" instead of her usual "Moon Tiara Magic".
  • When practicing for the talent show, Molly and Serena sing the "Sailor Moon Theme" . It's not clear what the significance of the song is, in-universe. For that matter, it's not clear where they were going with the lyrics, prior to Sammy's interruption, given there's been no indication Molly is even aware Sailor Moon exists, let alone that it's her best friend's secret identity.
  • In the original, Molly and Serena sung the Sailor Moon Theme with the Japanese instrumental, which was edited in the English dub.
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