Sailor Moon Attacks
Jupiter Thunderclap (2)
スパークリング・ワイド・プレッシャー (Sparkling Wide Pressure?)
Sparkling Wide Pressure
1st Appearance "People Who Need People"
Attack Information
Element Lightning-based attack
Attack Type Offensive
Sailor Scout Sailor Jupiter
"Sparkling Wide Pressure!"
—Attack Phrase

Sparkling Wide Pressure (also known as Superior Sparkling Thunder) is variant of Jupiter Thunderclap and Sailor Jupiter's secondary attack. An offensive attack, Jupiter Thunder is one of Sailor Jupiter's strongest attacks and can be used in tandem with other Sailor Scout attacks, defensive or offensive.


Sparkling Wide Pressure requires that Sailor Jupiter clasp her hands together and separate them. Between her hands is a ball of electricity that that becomes flattened and narrow. Drawing her arm back, Sailor Jupiter throws her right arm forward and sends forth a angled arc of electricity at her enemies.

Jupiter Thunderclap

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Sailor Moon S

Sparkling Wide Pressure was an attack Sailor Jupiter initially use used the attack when she first gained the ability to transform using Star Power. The attack was used to destroy Darumah, one of the Daimons.[1] Previously, it was completely ineffective against a Daimon named Ironder, shown in a flashback at the beginning of the episode.[1]

Sailor Moon SuperS

When Pegasus restored Sailor Jupiter's power using Crystal Power, she became Super Sailor Jupiter. Sparkling Wide Pressure is reassigned to Superior Sparkling Thunder.[citation needed]



Sparkling Wide Pressure




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