Stephanie Morgenstern
Stephanie Morgenstern
Biographical Information
G. Name Stéphanie Grace Morgenstern
S. Name Stephanie Morgenstern
Born Geneva, Switzerland (born),
Montreal, Quebec (raised)
Birth December 10, 1965[1]
Role(s) Mina Aino,
Appeared in

Stephanie Morgenstern is a Canadian actress, filmmaker, and screenwriter for television and film. She provided her voice of Mina Aino in Optimum Productions localization of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R.


Personal Life

Born to a Canadian family in Geneva, Switzerland and raised in Montreal, Quebec. Morgenstern is married to actor Mark Ellis, who works with her as a writing partner. She has a brother, Mark Morgenstern, with whom she also co-writes and directs with.

Film and Television

Morgenstern began her acting career when she was fifteen years old. She has worked extensively on stage, film, and television in both English and French. Her most widely seen feature film credits have been The Sweet Hereafter, Maelstrom, Revoir Julie and Forbidden Love. Morgenstern also provided the voice for Yin in the Disney cartoon Yin Yang Yo!, and Regina in the original Dino Crisis game produced by Capcom.

Work as a Writer

Morgenstern created the Canadian television series Flashpoint that premiered in 2008 and ran for five years before Morgenstern and Ellis chose to end the series in 2013. The show was awarded the Academy Board of Directors Tribute for Outstanding and Enduring Contribution to Canadian Television, in addition to a Canadian Screen Award in 2009, and the Gemini Award in 2013 for Best Dramatic Series.

Morgenstern has been twice nominated for Genie Awards for directing the short film Remembrance, which she co-wrote and co-starred in with her husband Ellis. Working with her brother, Mark Morgenstern, she co-directed, co-wrote and starred in the short film Curtains.

Sailor Moon

Morgenstern is widely recognized by as the original voice actor for Mina Aino (Sailor Venus), and the Negamonster Morga, in the DiC and Pioneer Entertainment productions of Sailor Moon during the first and second seasons, Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R. During 2000, the production of the third season, Sailor Moon S, was underway by Cloverway Inc. (the then-US Branch of Toei Animation).[2]

When asked to return, Morgenstern declined to on account of other commitments to on-screen projects. Morgenstern was replaced by Emilie Barlow (Raye Hino's second voice actor during Sailor Moon R).[2] Morgenstern, however, did reprise the role of Mina the Sailor Moon films, The Promise of the Rose, Hearts in Ice, and Black Dream Hole. Morgenstern makes occasional appearances at Anime conventions at the request of fans for Sailor Moon panel discussions.

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