Sailor Moon Attacks
Supreme Thunder-02
シュープリーム・サンダー (Supreme Thunder?)
Supreme Thunder
1st Appearance "Jupiter Comes Thundering In"
Attack Information
Element Lightning-based attack
Attack Type Offensive
Sailor Scout Sailor Jupiter
"Supreme... Thunder!"
—Attack Phrase

Supreme Thunder is an offensive attack used by Sailor Jupiter. Supreme Thunder is one of Sailor Jupiter's strongest offensive attacks.


Where both Jupiter Thunder and Supreme Thunder requires that Sailor Jupiter cross her arms over her chest with her index and pinky finger extended on each hand, Sailor Jupiter can summon Supreme Thunder with the lightning bolt without the use of her hands, as seen during the battle against the Kisenian Blossom's seeds on the Hollow Planet.[1] Supreme Thunder was used to kill the Cardian Faraion.[2]



Supreme Thunder

Supreme Thunder


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