Biographical Information
Name Suzuran
Eye Color Navy
Hair Color Dark teal
Skin Color White
Height 6'0"
Enemy Information
Monster Type Negamonster
Alignment Negaverse
Affiliation Zoycite, Grape, Housenka
Rank Minion
Mission Defeat Neflite and retrieve his Star Crystal
Operations Base
Attacks Sonic Blast
Power Source
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "A Friend in Wolf's Clothing"
Last Appearance "A Friend in Wolf's Clothing"
English Voice Lindsay Collins
Japanese Voice

"Well done girls. You're pathetic, Neflite. First you lose your crystal, and now you lose your girlfriend, too!"
—Zoycite, Ep. #20

Suzuran is a Negamonster who works for Zoycite. She can shoot sonic waves. She is one of the plant sisters, and appeared in Sailor Moon Episode 20, A Friend in Wolf's Clothing.

Zoycite sent Suzuran, Housenka, and Grape to kill Neflite. They kidnapped Molly, and Neflite came to save her. He beat them up, but instead of killing them, told them to tell Zoycite that they would not be getting his star crystal.

However, the plant sisters returned to kill Neflite. Before they could kill Molly, however, the Sailor Scouts appeared. After Sailor Mercury used Mercury Bubbles Blast, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars used Moon Tiara Magic and Mars Fire Ignite, combining their attacks to destroy Suzuran, Grape, and Housenka.


  • In the Mixx Entertainment novels, the 3 "Plant Sisters" are known as the "Delta Girls".
  • Suzuran gets her name from the Japanese name of the Lily of the Valley variety of flower.

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