Biographical Information
Name Telulu
Blood Type
Family None known
Personal information
Favorite Color
Favorite Gmestone
Favorite Foods
Least Favorite Food
Favorite Subject
Least Favorite Subject
Favorite Sport
Favorite Animal
Enemy Information
Alignment Witches 5, Bureau of Bad Behavior
Affiliation Doctor Tomoe, Eugeal, Mimet, Byruit, Cyprin
Power Source
Monster Type
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance Destiny's Arrival (silhouette)
Last Appearance Fiendish Ferns
English Unknown

Telulu is the third of the Witches 5 who work for Doctor Tomoe. Her plans and attacks are plant-related.

Character biography

Telulu's first appearance was in Episode 14, Hello, Sailor Mini Moon, shadowed like all the other witches except Eugeal. In Episode 28, Heightened Hazard, when Doctor Tomoe and the witches were playing Twister, Telulu (still shadowed) beat Mimet before she was sent on her next mission.

Her first unshadowed appearance was in Episode 31, Next in Line. Disappointed with Mimet's failures, Doctor Tomoe decided to give Telulu the next assignment. He did not tell Mimet this, but she overheard him and, pretending to be him, told Telulu that the assignment was cancelled (so she could steal her job), but made one fatal mistake, saying "ta-ta". Telulu spied on Mimet and, when she entered Eugeal's power device, pulled the plug on her, killing her.

Telulu only made one attempt to extract Pure Hearts. In Episode 32, Fiendish Ferns, she opened a store to sell plants called Venus Heart Traps, which would extract Pure Hearts from people. Soon they extracted Pure Hearts from everyone in the store, but Sailor Moon used Rainbow Moon Heart Ache to destroy them all except one, which Telulu injected with a needle to trans

form it into a giant plant monster called Big Bertha, who eats people's Pure Hearts. However, when Tuxedo Mask destroyed her star compact to release all the Pure Hearts, Big Bertha turned on Telulu and grabbed her in her vines. Telulu electrocuted Big Bertha, who selfdestructed, killing Telulu.


Telulu attacks by extending vines from her hands, which wrap around the victim and electrocute them.


  • Telulu is the second major villain (that is neither a main nor final antagonist) who never sends monsters of the week. Unlike Sapphire, though, she did go on one mission before her death. She only lasted one episode, as the series was nearing its end, making her and the other two remaining witches (Byruit and Cyprin) disposable enemies.
  • Telulu's hair is the same color as Emerald's hair, and they are both voiced by the same person.

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